Frequently Asked Questions

Do the messages in my Loop counts as texts?
No – the messages you receive in your Loops do not use your SMS texting plan. The messages are sent on Looptivity’s proprietary platform.

Can I plan my own meet-up that does not revolve around an event?
Yes, in the Activities section under the tab My Meetups you will see a button “Plan a Meetup” – when you tab on this the Location will be blank and you can enter your own location and timing.

Where do the events, lectures, shows, classes in the Activity Channels come from?
Looptivity uses a variety of sources to aggregate and then we filter through them to find kid and family friendly ones that we think you’ll like. We will continue to add sources to the ones we already provide you as we learn about your preferences
Can I submit activities in my local area?
Absolutely! We would love your input on events of interest to you. Please send us a note at
I'm a business and I'd like to advertise my event on your app.
While we do not do banner advertisements or Ads in the commonly understood way the Looptivity team would love to talk to you about creating a Channel for you. We can help get your events seen by highly interested looptivity users everywhere who can then interact with you in novel ways. Please contact us at
How do I remove myself from a Loop?
You can very easily remove yourself from a loop at any time.

  1. While in the Loops section hit the “Edit” button in the upper right hand corner
  2. Once in edit mode hit the “Delete” button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Tap on your own image in the Loop you wish to remove yourself from 3) Hit Delete

Hit Done Once you’ve removed yourself from the loop the Loop will be notified that you have left the loop. Please note that you can only delete yourself from a loop.

How do I add someone to a Loop that has already been created?
  1. You can easily add someone new to a loop at any time.
  2. While in the Loops section hit the “Edit” button in the upper right hand corner
  3. Hit the plus next to the loop you want to invite a friend to.
  4. Select a friend(s) from your address book or from Facebook
  5. Hit Done
  6. Invitation is automatically sent out
If I created the loop do I have to manage it?
No. Our loops do not require any admin or manager to maintain the loops. We don’t want to add yet another thing for you to do. Any member of the loop can add other members and any member can leave the loop at any time. The loop can continue to function even if you leave the loop. We’ve made it as easy a possible for you to create and communicate with your loops 
How are my contacts imported into your app?
If you sign in with Facebook we will automatically import your friends into the app. In all cases the contacts that are already on your phone are available to you so you can easily invite your friends to your loops. 
Are you taking my Facebook friend list and my Phone Address Book to your servers? What do you do with them?
Absolutely NOT! We respect your privacy above all else. Both are available only locally to you. We only take the contacts of those you invite to Loops to our secure servers. These are used for no other purpose than to send messages. Only Loop participants of your choosing are exposed to your messages.

Facebook asks me to give you permission to write posts to my wall, and do umpteen other things? Why should I?
We only do two things when you give us permission on Facebook besides using it to authenticate you:

  1. We take your friends and their portraits and show them to you for you to pick Loop members, and
  2. We send them private direct one to one messages on your behalf to Facebook and to their email address